Travel to Braga

From Porto (Oporto) Airportaeroporto-sa-carneiro-porto

To reach Braga from other countries, the best way is using Oporto Airport (named Francisco Sá Carneiro). Oporto airport is at 45km from Braga city centre.

Clicking here, you can see the airline companys who operate to Oporto’s airport.

get busIf you want to take public transport from the airport to Braga, the best option is to take the Get Bus Service, a transfer low-cost between the Oporto’s airport and Braga. Here you can find all the information about the service.

You can also combine metro and train. At the airport, you should take the Metro line E (violet) directly to Campanhã (train station in Oporto).  In Campanhã, you can get a train to Braga (Braga centre is the very last stop).  Prices vary from 3€ up to 14€ (fast trains are the most expensive). For cheaper trains (which circulate almost each hour to Braga), you can buy tickets using the tickets machines at the train station.

The fastest option (there is a highway) to get to Braga is by taxi (right outside the airport) but it costs around 55/60€ (there are extra-chargers for luggage, night hours and weekends/bank holidays). Anyway if you have someone with whom to share the drive, taxi would be the best option.  If you need a receipt, try “recibo, por favor”.

From Lisboa (Lisbon) AirportAeroporto-de-Lisboa

It is also possible to get to Braga using Lisbon Airport, but it is about 400 km far from the city. Anyway, if you need or want to come to Lisbon, train is the best option to travel to Braga. For this option, take the aerobus to GARE DO ORIENTE (this is a train station where you can catch the ‘ALFA PENDULAR’ train, direct to Braga – there are four per day). You can buy your ticket for this train online, on this website: (also available in English).

Using a car

If you’re coming from the North or South, you should use the A3 highway (Porto-Valencia) and take the exit Braga-Sul (coming from South) or Braga-Oeste (from the north). Then, if you go to the universuty campus, you should follow the signs indicating BRAGA-ESTE, CHAV or UNIVERSITY.


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